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Creativity Techniques

According to the creative phase and the strategy of creativity a special creativity technique is chosen:

Phase 1: Preparation - we use direction setting methods like "Compass", "Obstacle Map", "Aerial Survey" or "Destination"

Phase 2: Idea generation - we use "Challenging assumptions", "Distortion", "Reversal", "Metaphor" or "Random Picture"

Phase 3: Structuring and evaluating - we use "Attribute List", "Thought Cluster", "Idea Analysis" and "Score Method"

Phase 4: Idea conversion - we use various strategic project management tools focussing on "Group Dynamics" and "Motivation"

Phase 5: Finishing - we concentrate on "Knowledge transfer", "Project transfer" as well as "Experience transfer and integration"

Eventhough there is such a vast range of techniques and depending on circumstance there are so many variations that can be applied, our experienced creativity managers will always find the right technique for you.